About Digital Mindshare

Gene De Libero, Principal - Digital Mindshare LLC

Thanks for exploring more about Digital Mindshare. We’re a different kind of consultancy, providing marketing leaders with strategic guidance in aligning the core areas of business and marketing strategy, customer experience, and marketing technology.

Our ‘Solutions-as-a-Service’ model directly offers tailored, high-quality offerings, leveraging extensive experience and networks. This ensures a precise fit for your challenges with value over unnecessary costs.

We are committed to real results without pretense – with satisfaction tied to the outcome.

We take a holistic approach that transforms and empowers marketing organizations. With deep expertise in business strategy, marketing, customer experience, and technology, we concentrate on the areas that matter most.

Discover more below, highlighting strategies to equip you in today’s changing marketing landscape.

Who We Are

We bring marketing and technology innovation and resilience through strategic advising and solutions. More than meeting needs, we architect success—transforming challenges into achievements.

Our Commitment: We empower marketing teams with essential tools, knowledge, and skills to navigate challenges and seize opportunities. Success is measured by real impact – elevating your growth.

Our Difference: In this dynamic landscape, expertise alone isn’t enough. As pioneers, we reject the status quo and foster innovative, custom-fit solutions through an adaptable approach.

Our Edge: Innovation, adaptability, and tailored strategies that defy norms. More than following trends, we shape them. Our core values equip you to lead your business and industry.

Gene is an elite marketing and technology leader who develops deep connections with his teammates to best cultivate their talent and reach their potential. I’ve learned so much from Gene and would recommend him to any organization lucky enough to partner with him.

– Founder/CEO, Marketing Strategy Agency

Empower Your Marketing Technology with Innovation and Resilience.

Insights Across Industries

Cross-Sector Challenges: Through our decades of experience across diverse marketing and technology landscapes, we’ve identified a key truth – marketing leaders across industries face similar fundamental challenges. This insight shapes our approach to develop strategies that cross traditional boundaries.

Universal Yet Custom: We understand the core marketing challenges consistently, but the specifics vary. Our strategies blend adaptable, robust universal best practices precisely tailored to your unique requirements.

Experience-Driven, Forward-Focused: Leveraging extensive experience across sectors, we identify emerging trends while applying timeless fundamentals. We ensure you lead in your industry today and dominate tomorrow.

Worked with Gene for 2+ years; a luxury to have him on my side. Understands network complexity and impact on customers. Makes people think differently about business strategy, process, platforms, and customer experience—and practices what he preaches.

– Client Partner, CPG & Retail, Global Digital Transformation and Software Engineering Services Company

Universal Strategies, Tailored Success. Lead with Us.

What We Do

  • We guide marketing transformation with solutions that tackle today’s challenges.
  • Our services pioneer the future by blending innovation with efficiency to set new benchmarks.
  • We craft precise, tailored strategies to drive your industry leadership.
  • We unite your team under a shared vision to create significant, lasting progress.

With us, you shape trends instead of following, leading change instead of reacting.

Gene has forgotten more about the Digital Marketing landscape than most know and is the go-to guy for keeping abreast of leading trends, technologies, and developments in the space. He’s always happy to dive in to help whenever asked, and I always counted on his advice and guidance. A great source of knowledge wedged in with a fun sense of humor.

– Internationally Experienced CXO

Navigate Marketing Transformation. Lead with Innovative Solutions.

Our Offerings

Empowering Marketing Leaders: We equip marketing leaders with essential tools and strategies to succeed in today’s dynamic digital landscape. Our flexible service model scales specialized expertise through our network to complement our solutions. This ensures efficiency and a lasting impact on your marketing technology and strategy.

Advisory and Consulting: Our advising services develop strategies to navigate change and drive innovation grounded in time-tested practices. We enhance team adaptability and leadership.

Marketing Technology Services: Rely on our proven strategies to optimize your marketing stack. We prioritize integration and adaptability for a competitive edge.

Training and Development: Transform your team through our renowned training programs designed for today. We encourage continual learning and skills for the future.

Scalable Solutions: From focused advice to complete overhauls, our adaptable solutions match your scale and vision. We equip you to grasp future opportunities.

At Digital Mindshare, we understand mastering the digital landscape means looking ahead. Our services, built on experience and deep understanding, strategically position you for tomorrow’s success.

We brought Gene into our online ordering project for his digital expertise, which validated our marketing direction. He broke down a complex task into manageable pieces, quickly earning the team’s trust. His decades of insights were invaluable.

– CMO, Fast Casual Restaurant Brand

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