About Digital Mindshare

Gene De Libero
I’m Gene De Libero, the founder of Digital Mindshare, a small New York digital marketing and technology consultancy with global experience. Our success in delivering innovative solutions for our clients across many different verticals is the result of experience gained from over 30 years working in business, marketing, and technology.

Here’s what makes us different.

We Listen

The 80/20 rule applies to all we do when working with our clients. I believe that in order to succeed, my teams have to be adept at listening to you.¬†After all, you know your business best. It’s up to us to listen carefully to what your business, brand, marketing, and/or technology goals might be and then align them with industry best practices to help you get where you want to go. We can’t do that if we listen with our mouths.

We Deliver

We’ll listen carefully and work hard to develop a roadmap to success for you. Then, we’ll execute relentlessly to make sure you get the results you need and want. Bottom line – talk is cheap. If we don’t deliver as promised, we shouldn’t expect to get paid. Unlike a lot of other companies out there, we’re BIG fans of performance-based arrangements.

We’re Virtual

One of the benefits of staying busy over a number of years is that you meet (and if you’re lucky, get to work with), a lot of wicked smart people. That’s certainly been true for me. My strategy is to leverage my deep network to build highly competent virtual teams for the engagements we work on. Sometimes, all you’ll need is me! But if there’s a requirement for more, you can rest assured that I’ll source the right people to ensure the success of your project, with no wasted time or money.

What We Do